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Diocese of Denver Letter of Good Standing

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“Thank you to you and your wife for the extraordinary apostolate you are doing!  I'm still profoundly moved by what I learned from your 3 presentations, and I know that Jesus touched my heart deeply.  Something changed (for the better!) in my faith and my relationship with Jesus thanks to your presentations!  I will live the coming Holy Week and Easter very differently this year!”

Monique - Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2023


SHROUD of Turin

“Our parishioners were filled with awe and amazement and commented on how much they enjoyed the spiritual journey you took them on.”

Karen Smeath, Pastoral Associate
Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Carson City, NV


“.. an outstanding job … including scientific, scholarly and a faith based approach.  Thank you for your work in the areas of evangelization and spreading the Gospel of Christ.  We look forward to future collaboration …”

Reverend Pawel Zboroswki, S.T.L.
St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Greely, CO


“His knowledge of the Shroud is extremely broad and well understood and he presents it with a great faith in Jesus Christ.  I wholeheartedly support Mr. Bernatchez in his ministry … If your parish is considering an evening of reflection and faith enrichment this program will be truly inspiring.”

Rev. Martin Michniewicz
Pastor of St. Alexander Church, Palos Heights, IL

“You allowed our parishioners, families and friends to gather together as a community to become more knowledgeable; and also to draw deeper into their faith.”

Fr. Joe Noonan
Pastor of St. Damian Church, Oak Forest, IL

 “… extremely knowledgeable and well researched … and that his presentation is first rate and professional in every way.  You and your community will benefit greatly in knowledge and spirituality by having … these presentations and displays.  We are looking forward to their return.”

Wylie Smith, Stewardship Director
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, Ft. Collins, CO



“Our parish has been deeply blessed by your presentation of Eucharistic Miracles of the World.  Even though the exhibit itself is enough to disturb our complacency as to the real presence of the Body and Blood of Jesus in the Eucharist, your knowledge and conviction in faith add a very personal validation to what you are presenting.  Many parishioners have expressed how your visit to our parish has stirred a new or forgotten reverence and awe of this great gift of Christ …”

Rev. Michal Osuch, C.R., Pastor
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Arrowhead, CA

“In a day and age when there seems to be a real loss of appreciation for the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist among our Catholic members, this presentation can really be an aid to faith.  This is a very professional exhibit utilizing clear story boards of Eucharistic miracles and saints with a special Eucharistic connection.”

Rev. James J. Setelik, Pastor
Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Carson City, NV


“the Miracles of the Eucharist event was the catalyst to generate enough interest to launch Perpetual Adoration"

Leslie Low Fairchild, Perpetual Adoration Coordinator
Star of the Sea Parish, San Francisco, CA


“Our students were not only engaged by the … presentation on the Eucharistic Miracles, they were captivated.  As the children learned about the miracles, we could definitely feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.  This exhibit is truly an excellent way to help children understand what the ‘True Presence’ really means and who we are receiving, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the Eucharist.

Julia Fracker, MBA, MA, Principal
Father James B. Hay Catholic School, Alamogordo, NM


“Mr. Bernatchez offers the subject matter from the perspective of someone who has obviously done a great deal of research.  His approach was both appropriately scientific, as well as reverent, and conveyed his devotion to the Eucharist through faith and reason.  Dick’s presentation drove home … what an amazing God we have – one who continually breaks open our concept of who He is and calls us to delight in His glory.”

Tina Marie Wernette, Director of Pastoral Care and Parish Life
Holy Family Catholic Parish, Caledonia, MI


“I highly recommend the Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit and Mr. Richard Bernatchez!  This is such a great way for all of us to learn more about the awesome gift of the Eucharist and how many times and ways that God has reached out to show us it’s wonders.  He kept the attention of a room full of teenagers and that is not an easy thing to do!  They were very interested and we did follow up assignments in the classroom to assist them in learning even more about such an amazing gift of the miracles.”

Mrs. Kathy Mack, Campus Minister
Santa Clara High School, Oxnard, CA


“We are very grateful for the wonderful exhibits you presented.  We have had nothing but a positive response from our community.”

Juan Maldonado, Seminarian
St. Rita’s Catholic Church, Tulare, CA


“The entire weekend was informative and it strengthened our faith in Jesus' presence in the Eucharist.”

Fr. Michael Moore, Pastor
St. Brigid Church, Hanford, CA

“I want to extend our profound gratitude for sharing with us the wonderful presentation on the Eucharistic Miracles.  It is so consoling to see that Jesus has such wonderful Apostles like you, contributing to His glory in the Blessed Sacrament.”

Carmelite Sisters of the Monastery of Cristo Rey
San Francisco, CA


“'Life After Life' is fabulous and ... affirms the Catholic belief that an afterlife is real ... supports our belief in heaven, hell and purgatory, and our earthly goal of earning a spot in eternity in the presence of our loving and compassionate God.  It is a powerful adjunct to the Eucharistic Miracles and Sacred Cloths presentations to increase our faith.  The 'after effects' of having an NDE clearly indicate the need to live our lives in a non-materialistic fashion, focused on caring for and loving those we encounter.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful ministry and changing my life.   I strongly encourage for all parishes."

Vicky Yardley
Mary's Mantle Over Florida
Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"His delivery made the way of the cross come to life and impressed upon the viewers the sufferings that Christ endured for our sins.  It was expertly done and left a lasting impression on the participants.  Everyone commented how reverent and touching the scenes were and how much they enjoyed the presentation.  I highly recommend Richard Bernatchez and his presentation of the “Stations of the Cross in the Light of the Sacred Cloths of the Passion.

Filomena Smolenski
Respect Life Coordinator, St. Madeleine Catholic Church, High Springs, FL