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as revealed by Scripture,
Near Death Experiences (NDE)
Shared Death Experiences (SDE)

Scientific evidence for our immortal soul
surviving the death of our physical body

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brief summary stories of individuals who have had
Near Death Experiences (NDE) and Shared Death Experiences (SDE)
Discover the dramatic impact these experiences have had on their lives (NDE After effects)

Some 'generic' information on NDE's can be found in the table at the bottom of this page

Reports of Individual Experiences
Pam Reynolds
Clinically dead 1 hour - Most referenced case confirming a Near Death Experience
A Neurosurgeon Journeys into the Afterlife - Eben Alexander MD
Neurosurgeon's NDE taught him we are conscious in spite of our brain
An Anesthesiologists Shared Death Experience (SDE)
Dr. accompanies dying patient as he crosses over to the other side
Anderson Family Shared Death Experience (SDE)
All family members present witness dying Mom's spirit cross over
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
Mary's Assumption as revealed to St. Bridget of Sweden has characteristics of an NDE
Beverly Brodsky
An atheist becomes a believer
Dana's Shared Death Experience (SDE)
Daughter lost due to miscarriage is met during shared death experience
Double - Shared Death Experiences (SDE) - 1,000 miles apart
Departed sister appears to two siblings 1,000 miles apart on day of her death
Dr. Tom sees mother's spirit departing
Mother's departing spirit in a bright light is witnessed
Fr. Steven Scheier's Near Death Experience (NDE)
Priest wanting to please, rather than do his duty receives a Hell judgement, but Mary intervenes
Fr. Vincent Lafargue's NDE
NDE leads workaholic to the priesthood
Fr. Jose Maniyangat's NDENDE leads to healing ministry
Infant Death
A mother's reaction to learning her child was being called by Jesus to the next life
Katie - 7 Years Old
Katie encounters Jesus and the Heavenly Father during a drowning incident.
Mark - 7 Months Old
Mark is escorted up a long dark tunnel to the Light by a helping hand
Michael - 7 Years Old
Michael is mad at doctor for resuscitating him.  He wanted to stay with Jesus.
NDE Due to Failed Suicide Attempt
Suicide is throwing God's gift back in His face
NDEs caused by drugs
A physician that doesn't believe in NDE experiences changes upon learning that he had one
Olga's Out-Of-Body Experience (OBE)
Clinically dead woman appears to son in law 30 miles away
Rick - 5 Years Old
Detailed out of body experience, as well as encountering the Light
John - 11 Years OldDying child reports seeing God and Angels
Shane's Sister has a Shared Death Experience
Shane appears to his sister, accompanies her to another realm, and reveals an aunt's pregnancy
Spirit Leaving the Body
A new doctor encountering departing spirits discovers it is a common event
Sykes Brothers Death Revealed
Mr. Sykes encounters his recently deceased brother while on his own deathbed
The Power of Prayer
Please stop praying for me so that I don't have to keep returning from the other side
Transformed NDE Researcher
Our consciousness is our soul and is independent of brain tissue
Why don't Shared Death Experiences Happen Every Time
Disappointed when he didn't accompany his mother as she crossed over, as he had done with his wife's death
Raised from Dead by Saint John Bosco St. Don Bosco raises boy to life so that he can be confessed before finally dying
Dead Child Returned to Life
Dead child brought back to life, and healed of split skull and destroyed face through power of St. Francis Solanus
Jeff OlsenKnew the hearts of those he encountered
Physician's Near Death ExperienceDrawn into the living ball of light
Katherine's Shared Death ExperienceKatherine meets her friend's deceased relatives and experiences the light
Eduardo has a Shared Death ExperienceEduardo accompanies his dying Mom to heaven's door
Daniel - 6 Years OldDaniel encounters the tunnel and the Light while comotose for 2 weeks
Dead Man Returned to Life after 3 Years
St. Stanislaus raises dead man buried for 3 years
Juan's OBEJuan's Out of Body Experience during brother's death
Vision of Hell - Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich Vision of Hell - Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich
Vision of Hell - St. Teresa of Avila Vision of Hell - St. Teresa of Avila
Vision of Hell - St. John Bosco Vision of Hell - St. John Bosco
Vision of Hell - Sister Lucia Vision of Hell - Sister Lucia
Vision of Hell - St. Faustina Vision of Hell - St. Faustina

General Near-Death Experience (NDE) Information


Dutch Study - Lancet
Statistics associated with various NDE 'features'
Dying - then vs now
The dying experience has been dramatically altered by modern medicine and attitudes
Egyptian Book of the Dead
KIngs were required to experience an NDE to influence their reign
Features of Near Death Experiencers - Averaged
Averaged statistics of 5 studies of NDE features
NDE and Bible
Scriptural references to NDE features
Positive Effects
List of 'positive effects' on people after having an NDE
The Complete NDE Model
A hypothetical NDE involving all elements
Human ConsciousnessHumans may enjoy prenatal consciousness
Tibetan Book of the Dead
Tibetan book describing stages a soul goes through after death matches NDE
Aztec Song of the DeadA poetic NDE with extremely high validity score
Two Babies Talk in the WombIs there life after delivery
Unbaptized Babies
What happens to babies that die before being baptized?
Purgatory Museum See evidence of visitors from Purgatory  coming to request prayers (often scorched handprints)

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